About Us

We are a group of highly trained professionals that teamed together to offer the very best squirrel removal services nationwide. There are many companies that shifted from pest control to wildlife removal because the industry can be lucrative, with this came a flood of inexperienced operators providing a disservice.

We believe income and profit should be a result of quality services, not the main focus because far too many animals have suffered and far too many homeowners have been taken advantage of. If we do not have an area covered, we will personally find someone in your area, fully vet them and find you someone that is a quality wildlife control operator.

We look are a few factors that are imperative to being a quality operator.

  • Quality online reviews (Zero inhumane reviews)
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Fully Trained
  • Offers CORRECT Squirrel Exclusion Services
  • Uses only humane practices
  • Does not over charge exorbitant fees
  • Respected name in the industry verified by the wildlife control community