Professional Squirrel Removal

Have you recently had Squirrels move in your home? Many homeowners across the DuPage, Will and Cook county at this time of the year are experiencing squirrel problems. Squirrel problems can be very detrimental to your home because squirrels like to chew and gnaw wires and structural beams. Causing a high need for squirrel control. When these wires are chewed this is a major cause of home and business fires across the United States. The squirrel control process takes about a weeks time and after that the second step of the squirrel removal process can be started. The second step of the squirrel removal process is sealing all of the entry points made by the squirrels. This includes animal proofing areas that are vulnerable but not broken into yet. Areas that squirrels like to enter the home would be attic fans, soffit areas, old or weak fascia boards, chimneys, weak wooden boards etc.

Common Squirrel Species

The majority of the squirrels you will find in our area is pine, flying, grey and fox squirrels. Grey and fox squirrels are typically colonies of 3 to 5 when living in a home. Fox squirrels are little more solitary than gray squirrels in that they do not necessarily need a large colony to thrive. Flying squirrel and pine squirrels are much smaller and present unique issues that are different from fox and grey squirrels in the attic.

If you have nuisance squirrels we can help provide professional squirrel trapping services. What we do is first provide an inspection of the entire home to figure out where the squirrels are entering and then we look for vulnerable areas where the squirrels can possibly enter in the future. After doing a full home assessment we then set up squirrel traps to start the squirrel removal process.

Services After Removal In Completed

Once the squirrels have been removed from your home and the squirrel exclusion work has been finished we offer a few other options to help the process. Which should be squirrel odor removal and squirrel damage repair. Squirrel damage repair which typically consists of replacing wooden beams that have been chewed, attic insulation restoration from when it has been crushed and damaged, removing feces from the insulation in attics, as well as removing squirrel nesting that is accumulated inside the attic.

Once squirrels have been removed from a home in odor treatment is not a surefire way to keep them out but is a very good start at eliminating the odors that will be residual. These residual odor’s attract new squirrels to the now vacant den where nothing is living inside to protect the den site. In nature all voids are filled. So anytime there is a den that was once occupied and then is not, an animal will fill that void because the amount of places to live is very limited. Especially with the growth of humans. If you need wildlife help or squirrel removal call us today we can help you expertly remove your squirrels, provide squirrel proofing and animal exclusion work with custom handcrafted steel and have your home and back to working order as it was pre-squirrels.

Squirrel Noises In The Attic

Many times we get home owners with noises in the attic that aren’t sure if its mice, squirrels or raccoons. Mice tend to scratch a lot on the drywall as they tunnel to the bottom of the insulation and move across the drywall. Raccoons are far more heavy moving about slowly and heavily and at times creating loud destructive noises as they powerfully tear apart the attic. Squirrels in the attic are very fast moving running back and forth also with scratching. Our Elmhurst squirrel removal technicians can identify the source of the problem usually within a few minutes of the home inspection. Our Elmhurst squirrel removal always starts with a complete squirrel inspection to find entry points, possible squirrel entry points and access damages done if any. Once squirrels are trapped and controlled squirrel proofing is necessary to stop future squirrels from trying to enter e now vacant den site.

Squirrel Exclusion and Proofing

We only use quality materials that squirrels can not gnaw through which is backed by our guarantee. At times we are asked if proofing can be done before the Elmhurst squirrel removal is completed. This presents a few problematic scenarios. First squirrels inside can be trapped and either die and smell horrible soaking smell into wood and drywall or chew everything until they find a way out usually into your home. Also if squirrels are trapped outside they will create a hole to get back into “their” home. Neither is worth the extra problems or cost compared to professional.